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Learn more and advance your career with APICS. Whether you need to validate your knowledge and experience or accelerate your career growth, APICS provides educational programs, courses, conferences and events to help increase your salary, sharpen your skills, and boost your overall success in the field of operations and supply chain management.

Advance Your Career With APICS Certifications

Whether you are starting out as an operations assistant, or you are a senior manufacturing expert with years of mechanical systems or vendor management experience, APICS will keep you up-to-date and industry-savvy on current news and events.give you the leverage you need to advance your career.enhance your operations and supply chain management skills. make you a valued leader within your organization.

Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM )

  • Module 1: Supply Chains and Strategy
  • Module 2: Sales and Operations Planning
  • Module 3: Demand
  • Module 4: Supply
  • Module 5: Detailed Schedules
  • Module 6: Inventory
  • Module 7: Distribution
  • Module 8: Quality, Technology, and Continuous Improvement

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

  • Module 1: Supply Chains, Demand Management, and Forecasting
  • Module 2: Global Supply Chain Networks
  • Module 3: Sourcing Products and Services
  • Module 4: Internal Operations and Inventory
  • Module 5: Forward and Reverse Logistics
  • Module 6: Supply Chain Relationships
  • Module 7: Supply Chain Risk
  • Module 8: Optimization, Sustainability, and Technology

APICS SCOR® Professional Endorsement (SCOR-P)

Advance Your Career With APICS Logistics Certifications

APICS Logistics Certification Programs offer a career pathway to improve your skills and enhance your overall job performance – simply, easily, and effectively.

Our certification programs are designed to promote education, self-regulation, recognized achievement and improved performance. APICS certified individuals are recognized as working professionals who are fully knowledgeable in the transportation and logistics industry, and who are performing their jobs in accordance with high standards set by industry professionals.

Fundamentals in Logistics

Build a Foundation on Logistics with Fundamental course

"CPIM is the best functional certification course for supply chain-related jobs."

-APICS CPIM designee