Transformed CPIM for Today’s Busy Professionals


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Introducing the new CPIM Version 8 – 2023

Streamlined to meet the needs of today’s busy supply chain professional


CPIM Transformation – The NEW CPIM Version 8

The new CPIM Version 8 include:

  • Only 1 exams – 8 Modules – required to earn the CPIM credential.
  • Streamlined certification experience gets you certified faster.
  • The number of exams to earn the CPIM certification will drop from the current two exams with CPIM version 7.0 to only one exam in the new CPIM version 8.0. The one exam will include all the topics and terms for the current CPIM Part 1 and CPIM Part 2 exams.
  • Although the scope of the CPIM program remains the same, the depth of the knowledge is aligned more closely with the previous Part 2 exam content outline. The CPIM 8.0 ECM follows the format of the previous CPIM Part 2 7.0 content outline closely.



 APICS certification (ASCM) is the global leader in supply chain organizational transformation, innovation and leadership. As the largest nonprofit association for supply chain.


The APICS Training Partner program offers globally recognized, supply chain educational content to develop individuals and support the corporate transformation experience. Forge deeper relationships with your customers that could lead to increased training and overall consulting project opportunities.


Learning opportunities
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In-House Training

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CPIM Public Course 2024 (Class 1)

CPIM Public Course 2024 (Class 1)    


CSCP Public Course 2023

CSCP Online Public Course 2023 September 2023        


CPIM Part 1 Public Course 2023 (Class 1)

CPIM Part 1 Version 8 Public Course 2023 (Class 1)          

Online CPIM Part 1 Nov 02

CPIM Part 1 Online Public Course 2022

CPIM Part 1 Online Public Course 2022 November 2022      

CSCP Online Zoom

CSCP Online Public Course 2022

CSCP Online Public Course 2022 August 2022


CPIM Part 1 English Class In-house at Essilor Group, Chon Buri 2022

CPIM Part 1 English Class In-house at Essilor, Chon Buri 2022 August 2022




"CPIM is the best functional certification course for supply chain-related jobs."

-APICS CPIM designee